Search and
discovery app

The platform is targeted at Poland and designed to let users find different types of services and make orders. From restaurants and hotels to dental clinics and law firms.

4 months
7 members
iOS, Android, Web


The Polish market needed a fresh take on
search-and-discovery applications.

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oMap is a search-and-discovery platform that
connects businesses and customers in Poland.

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Target audience

oMap is a search-and-discovery platform that
willing not only to find services but participate in
loyalty programs and get discounts as well.
Another platform’s audience is mid-sized
businesses seeking for online promotion.

Project Challenges
Simultaneous development for three platforms
Promotion of services through discounts and loyalty programs
The necessity to find and import an appropriate initial content
High-performance server usage to provide fast real-time searching
As a result, our customers got the solution according to the product’s target audience and client’s requirements of load capabilities and scalability.
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Input data
Clients had ideas on:
  • Business model
  • Value proposition
  • Initial design
  • Revenue model
We analyze the client’s requirements:
  • Dedicated Business Analyst was involved
  • More than 10 meetings were held to discuss all the details
During this stage, the following work was done:
  • Specification document
  • Project estimate
  • Wireframes
  • Clickable prototype



Main features of the project

Our development team analyzed requirements and got to work

Implementing a fast search in real-time
The oMap platform contains an enormous amount of data which affects the application performance. In order to optimize the search process and reduce lagging, it was decided to apply the Elasticsearch engine. It also enabled to instantly show services matching the user queries.
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Building the full-featured map to search for services
The development team has made use of Google APIs in order to deliver a good experience of using maps. Those APIs were used to place all the services from oMap’s database on the map and let users plan their route as well as see the distance between two points.
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Creating the communication channel for application
In order for customers and business could easily contact each other, it was decided to embed a chat. It is an easy way to order something through the application and specify the details.
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Stack prosjektutvikling

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Andris Stinka

Owner, oMap

Cleveroad really know what they’re doing and ask critical questions from the start. Professional and polite, they’ve been great about guiding me through some of the mistakes and unknowns of our app during its initial phases. ”

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Egor Zhevora
Project manager

I've known them for more than two years, regarding to my mobile apps developed by Cleveroad - "" and "Foodito", it was an easy and full-service working process with them, and I would definitely recommend them to others. “





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