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12 months
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The issue of finding a gym during traveling
turned into a project idea

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Project idea

TrainAway is a global network of gyms for
travelers, which makes workouts during trips
convenient and painless.

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Target audience

The products are meant to have a global distribution. Still, Europe is first targeted for distribution. The site and apps will have 50,000 users in first six months with 1000 concurrent users initially.

Having studied your business objectives and based on them make a research, which results in an outlined feature list, technology stack, and project estimate
After the Planning Stage, we create UI·UX design, make a project plan, and implement the features
Manual and automated testing is followed by final debugging and uploading to a production server
Clients received a scalable solution with an efficient monetization model providing people access to gyms all over the world.
Clients received a scalable solution with an efficient monetization model providing people access to gyms all over the world.
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Clients had vision on:
  • Business model
  • Value proposition for partnership gyms
  • Value proposition for users
  • Customers segments
Information received from clients goes through analysis
  • Dedicated Business Analyst
  • 2 weeks of research and planning
  • Around 20 meetings to clarify the requirements
As a result, we provide clients with:
  • User Stories
  • Wireframes
  • Technical requirements
  • UI·UX requirements



Development process

After all the preparations were completed, our team started working on the project.

Dealing with financial operations in apps
To ensure secure payment processing and protect a sensitive financial information of customers, it was decided to integrate Stripe payment processor. The app saves the payment history, as well as apply discounts and use bonuses.
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Solving the issue of finding and choosing a gym
There is also a really flexible search feature in the app where multiple filters can be applied. Users can search by the name of a gym, by city or apply category filtration where they choose what type of exercises they prefer and the app will show them just those places which offer needed services
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User acquisition and engagement functionality
Taken that scalability plan is bold, the features aimed at user acquiring and engagement were implemented at once. They were: the ability to invite friends in return for discounts, give a pass as present to anyone and receive membership-based bonuses. Follow-up features facilitate efficient user retention
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Tekologi stack

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements

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Alexander Schrøder

Owner, TrainAway

We are overall very satisfied with the final product. It is even better than we imagined due to the expertise of the Cleveroad team. We can also add that the immediate feedback we have gotten from our users is very very good! ”

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Vasyl Lazebnyk
Project manager

The cooperation was fruitful and satisfying. We enjoyed working with Alexander and Kenn because they had such a great idea for the project and we hope to continue our cooperation! “



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